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Tiel Country Aviary
cocoa peeking at me...

this is an award I won

Everyone else has a web site, so I figured, why not me too? On this site I'll have pictures of my tiels and links to help you on your cockatiels.

My first cockatiel I got is boots. He is a male lutino that I bought off of a man that just couldn't keep him anymore. He was a bit nippy at first but now he is doing much better and a big part in our family.
My second tiel is baby. I bought her at a petstore she was the last one there and looked so lonely. I couldn't resist I had to get her. She is now a mommy and a very good one at that. She is a whiteface.
My third tiel is cocoa. I bought her off of a woman that breeds birds. She is the sweetest one of all my birds. She is very tame and loves to cuddle and give kisses. She is a normal grey.
My fouth and fifth tiels I bought together. There names are bubba and spongebob. Both are males. Bubba is a normal grey and spongebob is a cinnamon pearl pied. I bought them off a man who breeds birds. They are still a little nervous of me because they have never been handles.
My breeding pair of tiels right now is baby and bubba and they are about to have babies for the first time.

this is my little man spongebob
get away from my nest...

I have just started breeding tiels so I am a newbie to this but I can answer any questions that you may have just drop me a message thx.

Breeding, feeding, candling, and mutation questions?

This is my new tiel named Popcorn!!!!

find birds animals ect for sale.

My birds are just like a part of my family. They are just like kids they like getting into everything lol.


My birds like listening to music, playing with their toys and chewing them up, sometimes they act like they dance to.

boots saying hi

I hope the links on my page has helped you out some and if you need more help just send a message.

I'll be posting more pictures soon as soon as the new babies has come.

this is a neat site for any petlovers!


Favorite Links

boots playing on the ladder!!!!

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